How to know if your body is stressed out

You might have heard that stress has a lot of detrimental effects on the body but you may not fully understand the consequences if not informed. Experiencing since isn’t bad at least not when it’s all the time and for a prolonged period. The body will always find ways to communicate with us in situations of excesses.

Here, we will be listing out some of the symptoms of stress that you should mind and take actions to rememdy the situation.

1. Heart Issues

According to research, the heart responds to stress in ways we can’t imagine. When the body us stressed, Adrenaline is released which causes increased breathing and heart rate which in turn increases the blood pressure.

Stress triggers the heart muscles which in turn can lead to cases of heart attack, if not controlled.

2. Frequent Colds

This might seem like a lie, but that’s truth you should come in terms with. People who experience long-term stress can easily catch cold.

Don’t blame the weather when you catch a cold easily, you should check your lifestyle and make amends.

3. Skin Problems

Stress can affect your whole body and even make worse already existing skin problems.

Stress manifests itself presence on the skin in the form of wrinkles, acnes, dryskin.

4. Hair loss

Have you ever loss your hair and you aren’t even sick, stress will be the probably cause of it.

5. Weight Change

Stress causes the production of adrenaline which in turn slows down the metabolism of fat leading to weight loss.

I know what’s on your mind now, but that it’s the way out.

It’s not a perfect way to lose fats because it can get detrimental and uncontrollable. 

6. Stomachache

One of the first signs the body usually shows when it’s stressed is stomachaches. According to the Harvard Medical School, chronic stress causes the digestive system to wear down and become more sensitive.

7. Headaches

There are a list of causes of headaches and one of them is stress. There are list of painkillers that might rememdy the situation, but once the source of that stress isn’t taking care of, it won’t take long before it comes back and might lead to migraine.

8. Insomnia

Insomnia can be caused by depression, poor sleeping ability, stress, anxiety and some sorts of medication.

Stress triggers the nervous system making it hard for that individual to fall asleep.

9. Low sex drive

According to Researchers in America, A body which is constantly exposed to stress always have a low sex drive.

10. Lack of Focus

People who are stressed always find it hard to focus in their career, school work or any of their life endeavours. 

Stress is exhausting and even without realising it takes all your attention and focus.

There are list of ways stress can be managed; you can exercise, get a therapy, meditate and watch your diet.

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