Daily Quotes

I am grateful because God never left my side

I am so grateful because no matter what I face, God has never left my side. We all go through great trials in our lifetime, but if you stop and take a second to look back, you will come to realize that God was there with you every step of the way. Even when we don’t know how to keep going, or what route we should take next, he always is guiding us, protecting us and stays right there by our side. He lifts us up during the hard times, gives us the strength we need to keep going and brings peace to our lives. There is never a day God isn’t there for you, even when we don’t feel it, he is always working on our behalf. Many times in your life, God has protected you from things that you didn’t know were there to harm you. I am so grateful to God for his grace and mercy, for his unending love, for his protection over me and my family. I’m grateful because even when there seems to be no way, he has always made a way for me. We serve an awesome God! I praise and honor him today and for always.

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