I miss my family, my friends

I am missing my family; I’m missing my friends. I’m missing everyone who matters to me, but for now, I’m blowing you the biggest kiss ever. Love you always and forever

It has just been two weeks since I moved into college and my mind has left them even for a moment; out of sight isn’t really out of mind.

I never planned on staying in the college hostels; I preferred being around my lovely parents and people who matter to me. Right now I don’t feel like I belong here; no one cares like my family and it seems everyone is in an invisible competition.

No one cares to check up on you even when you are sick; they solely mind their business and that makes me miss my family more. Anytime I got sick‚ I can always remember dad giving me my medications after which mom feeds me with her tasty chicken soup.

I loved them so much and I don’t know how my life is going to move slowly without them. I so much miss my siblings and friends. Big brother will always give me a piggyback ride anytime I’m tired to walk from school right now it is just me and my issues.

My friends always made it a point of duty to check up on during school breaks and we made it a tradition to grab some ice-creams after school.

Right now‚ all I can think about is those lovely people and the moments we spent together. I can’t wait to be done with college so that we can be together again. 

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