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I owe myself the biggest apology

I owe myself
the biggest apology
for putting up with shit
I don’t deserve.

I am really very sorry for myself that I put myself in such a situation that I don’t deserve. I am the reason for hurting myself. I always trust those people who betray me. I can easily see that some people are using me but I ignored it by saying that I am thinking negatively. People used me like a tissue paper and I still trust people easily. I don’t understand my nature and trust me I am fed up with getting used by the people I loved the most. So I am really very apologetic to myself. Now I am trying and working hard on myself to make me strong. I am developing stamina in myself and making me strong so that no one easily uses me. Now I am becoming very reserved with people and trying my best to not trust everyone easily. I hope one day I will be successful in every effort.

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