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I will never forget you

It has been past five years that the cold hands of death took you away from me. The most painful part is that I wasn’t beside you on your dying bed.

It was my graduation day, and I was waiting for you to get to the destination with my mom and siblings. You told me that you were on your way and closer to the celebration venue.

It was indeed the happiest day of my life as I was also the best graduating student and can’t wait to be called up with my parents to receive the certificates and trophy.

I waited until it was time for the trophy presentation; there was no sign of your arrival. I was comforted by my friends as you all wanted to surprise me or watch me get the trophy. I smiled, knowing I have made you proud.

After the presentation of gifts, I walked out of the hall and couldn’t see the model of your car in the parking lot. I dialed your number only to be directed to your voicemail. I felt something was wrong, but I couldn’t place my hand on what was wrong.

I decided to board a taxi and head home immediately. On getting home, everywhere was so entirely as a graveyard. I had to rush inside the sitting room to meet my uncles, all talking in low tones. They didn’t notice me on time to stop their discussion. Mom and dad were gone.

They didn’t make it to the hospital; I felt my head banging and my heart leaving my body. The next place I woke up was in the hospital. I had to be strong for my siblings. It still feels like yesterday, and my heart doesn’t seem to forget. I will always remember you even if it is for a second. You will forever remain in my heart.

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