If i get fat, i eat too much

It is always like human beings to talk about each other, but many people go extreme while doing that.

I had a classmate who almost committed suicide because of what people always say to her, never in her life has she received a nice comment from people.

She was a happy chubby girl, but not for long. When she entered high-school people never stopped mocking her because of her size. She was once a chair-leader and when she wanted to join them, everyone mocked her and told her she can’t even move a limb.

It greatly affected how she saw herself; she lost confidence in herself, and stopped being the happy girl she was always known for. It affected her mental health so much, that sooner or later we found out she was losing weight. She fell sick, after which we found out she has been starving herself. She lost a lot of weight and became a shadow of herself.

It was during the numerous times, I had to take her to the sickbay, that I saw numerous suicide letters in her bag. When she came back to school, many people couldn’t recognize her. Some called her a scarecrow, and that she looks so ugly and bony. Stop making people feel less of themselves all because you feel you are perfect.

Words hurt deeply more than anything else, be careful what you say to people. Be yourself, and believe you are the best version of yourself, pay deaf ears to criticism.

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