In a moving video, beloved TV judge Frank Caprio breaks devastating news

On December 6, the well-known judge and actor from Caught in Providence, Frank Caprio, shared a touching video on social media announcing his cancer diagnosis.

After talking briefly about his birthday in the video, the 87-year-old, who recently retired, told viewers that he had been “diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas, which is an insidious form of cancer.”

“This birthday differs slightly from the others that I have experienced in the past. The TV personality started the clip, saying, “Quite recently, I wasn’t feeling well and had a medical examination. The report wasn’t good one.”

According to him, he is currently receiving treatment in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

“I ask God to direct their hands and their thoughts as they treat me. He went on, “I’m ready to fight as hard as I can because I know this is a long road.

Caprio posted a request on his fan base and followers asking them to pray for him.

One question I frequently get asked is, “What can I do for you? ” I want to start by saying how much I appreciate each and every one of your friendships and kind words. However, I would ask that you all, in your own unique way, pray for me. In addition to the medical care I’m getting, I think prayer is the most effective tool I have to help me get through this, so I need to harness its power.


In 1985, Caprio received an appointment to the Providence Municipal Court Judgeship.

His cases were broadcast on local television and public access in the Providence, Rhode Island, area.

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