In a startling online outburst, a UCLA director asserts that Kate Middleton is “faking” her cancer diagnosis

The news of Kate Middleton’s cancer shocked people all around the world. For months, conspiracy theories had been circulating on social media, leading some people to believe that the Princess of Wales had passed away.

Conspiracy theories did, however, disappear after the cancer news. Kate now visits Anmer Hall with her family to spend some quality time together. When she will return to the public light is a matter of time.

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As previously stated, the rumours concerning Kate Middleton’s health prior to her cancer diagnosis became irrational. The Mother’s Day photo that was altered fueled the flames even more. Every frame of her cancer announcement video was scrutinised after it was released, with some attempting to demonstrate that it had also been altered.

While the majority of people are aware that Kate has cancer, some people are still not convinced. A UCLA expert has made a number of startling statements on social media on his belief that the Princess of Wales is fabricating her disease.

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The public now considers Kate Middleton to be one of the most beloved members of the royal family, if not the most. The Princess of Wales consistently receives good marks in surveys, and royal admirers find solace in the thought that she will one day serve as queen.

Following the public news of her illness, the princess took her husband, Prince William, and their three kids to Anmer Hall in Sandringham to spend time together away from the press and public. On April 17, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis will go back to school.

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Conspiracy theories about Kate Middleton’s health continue to circulate, but one person has gone them too far and is currently facing harsh criticism on the internet. UCLA’s Director of Race and Equity, Jonathan Perkins, has spent months disseminating conspiracies concerning Kate Middleton on X, formerly known as Twitter. The Daily Mail was the first to report on Perkins’s inquiries, which centred on whether the princess of Wales is “still alive” and even claimed she doesn’t have cancer at all.

Perkins posted on X, saying, “As a cancer survivor, I can confirm society treats cancer like a death sentence, patients like pitiful weaklings,” as reported by Daily Mail. In my opinion, Kate Middleton did not have cancer. The Royals assumed that a (brief!) mention of cancer and chemotherapy would allay worries about Kate’s absence, and for the most part it did.

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Jay Perkins stated in a January post, “King Chuck and Kate do NOT deserve my respect.” The UCLA staff member posted on March 28, six days after Kate announced her cancer diagnosis, saying, “Really and truly wondering if Kate Middleton is still alive.”

Perkins further asserted that the royal family is “covering for something else” by “using the Cancer Card.” On Easter Sunday, he cruelly joked, calling her a “known liar” and saying, “Wait, isn’t Kate Middleton supposed to rise today?”

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