In the trailer for the new documentary series “Meghan & Harry,” Meghan sobs

Since leaving the Royal Family, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been in the public eye. A whirlwind of events followed shortly after they conducted their notorious Oprah Winfrey interview, despite the fact that many believed they would go on to live a quiet life in California.

Let’s just say that the whirlwind is still moving.


Harry and Meghan are firmly outside the loop because of their conflict with the royal family. Their relationships with King Charles, Harry’s brother William, future Queen Kate Middleton, and other important figures are in a very bad place.

Furthermore, given Harry’s upcoming tell-all book and a recent documentary, the events of the upcoming weeks may very well make matters worse.


The new documentary featuring Harry and Meghan’s marriage was teased on Thursday by Netflix. There will be a tonne of drama, if images are any indication.

When Harry and Meghan left the Royal Family in 2021, they probably thought their lives would be free of drama and controversy.


After briefly residing in Canada, the couple relocated to Montecito, California, about 90 minutes northwest of Los Angeles, where they found the ideal home to raise their two children.

Andersen claims that the Queen took down their photo before speaking.

There is no denying that the queen adores all of her children and grandkids, he said in an interview with Today. But she is all business when it comes to “The Firm,” as they refer to the royal family.


“That’s why she wouldn’t let Harry and Meghan stay as sort of part-time royals on the terms that they wanted,” Andersen continued.

It’s been commonly assumed that Harry and Meghan will accuse and reveal things about the Royal Family in a series of future Netflix documentaries.


The documentary’s trailer was finally broadcast on December 1.

When it was posted to YouTube, a woman’s voice asked why Harry and Meghan had initially started the journey they are currently on.
Then a slideshow of private images appears, featuring shots of Harry playing the guitar and him and Meghan taking a vacation selfie.


A photo from the couple’s 2018 wedding celebration and one from Meghan’s pregnancy are also included in the slideshow.

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