Inside the life of Laura Ingraham – her career as a host and why she never married

Laura Anne Ingraham is an American conservative television host and one of the few people many look up to.

Laura Ingraham was signed to a new multi-year deal by Fox News and we can’t but go down the memory lane of how her career started and how she got this far.


The CEO of fox news media Suzanne Scott released a statement regarding their further collaboration with Ingraham.“Laura’s one-of-a-kind expertise and powerful commentary has provided an important voice to millions of Americans as a staple of our prime-time lineup and we are thrilled to feature her insightful perspective across our platforms for many years to come.”

Laura isn’t just a successful TV host, she has become a powerful influential woman over the years.


Laura from her teen days never shied away from airing her opinion on various topics especially politics. While in college, she worked as an editor-in-chief for the prestigious conservative Dartmouth Review school newspaper.

Speaking on politics at such a young age always meant trouble, but Laura wasn’t fazed by whatever the consequence will be as long as she stood for the truth.

When she worked for the Dartmouth Review, Ingraham told Hartford Courant, “Here you had all these ’60s liberals — who used to be storming administration buildings themselves — in power at Dartmouth, and they didn’t know what to do with this conservative independent paper. I was sued a couple of times for libel by professors. We ended up on ’60 Minutes.’ It was a real catalyst for political involvement — and made doing ‘Crossfire’ look like nothing.”

Laura worked as a speechwriter in the Reagan administration and the Secretary of Transportation before she became a host; after which she earned her Juris Doctor at the University of Virginia School of Law.

Laura also worked at a court justice and a law firm alongside Bob Bennet and many taught she was going to take up the law profession as she is so articulate, but her major interest was politics.

When it comes to her life she has always kept it under the spotlight. She has never been married, even though being engaged twice. Her first serious relationship was with Indian student Dinesh D’Souza and made a lot of impact on her life. He taught her how to write stories amidst others.

She later went on to date James V Reyes and in 2005, they got engaged but were called off after she was diagnosed with breast cancer, a disease she later won against.

The powerful women who keep on impacting lives have three adopted children and she loves them so much like they are here, she’s a proud mother.

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