Irma and Joe Garcia were laid to rest on Wednesday, surrounded by their four children and the Uvalde community 

Over the past few weeks, you must have heard of the teacher who spent their last moments using their body as a shield to protect their students. 

Irma and Joe Garcia were in school teaching their 19 students like every other school day when an 18-year-old gunman burst into their classroom.

Somber mourners were seen wiping away tears as the caskets were carried into the private ceremony at Sacred Heart Catholic Church

He was started shooting at them and Irma and Joe Garcia wanted to do all they can to save the students even if it meant putting their life in the line.

When their body was found inside her fourth grade classroom in Robb Elementary School she was seen holding children to her body and prevent the bullets from getting to them.

Teary-eyed mourners carried roses and stuffed animals as they waited outside the church

Irma is a 48-year-old mother and a wife. When her husband rushed to the scene of the accident it was so hard for him to comprehend what just happened. He lost the love of his life. He was heart broken and soon joined her.

They were finally laid to rest, by each others side never to be separated again. Their children and the Uvalde community were there to say their final goodbye.

The couple had been married for 24 years and were high school sweethearts

The couple were high-school sweethearts and have been married for 24 years and is so disheartening that their love story had to end this way.

A private ceremony was held at Sacred Heart Catholic Church and the mourners gathered around their grave to pay their last respect.

Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller presided over the ceremony and he honored her for dying a hero.

The four children (pictured: three youngest) attended the funeral but were said to have kept to themselves

“Because you were there with them…You did what you would have done with your own children. You took care of them until your last breath,” He said.

”We are all hurting,’ he said. ‘In the midst of so much, please, please people need comfort, people need you…Let us all foster a culture of peace.”

Joe’s cousin Marina Rodriguez told the Post, “It’s a tragedy. It’s a tragic tragedy. It’s heartbreaking, heart wrenching – to lose both of your parents.”

Lyliana, the Couple’s 15 years old daughter penned down her grief. “Dad, I know this was too much for you. Your heart could not take it. ‘I will spend the rest of my life fighting for you and mom. Your names will not be forgotten.”

Ramo was killed by law enforcement agencies but investigations are still ongoing and it was found that the killer, Salvador Ramos, legally purchased two guns not long before the school attack: an AR-15-style rifle on May 17 and a second rifle on May 20.

May the departed souls rest in peace. 

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