Jennifer Aniston exits the shower immediately for a haircare clip showcasing her waves

Rachel Green’s fashionable hairstyles, from straight and formal to the incredibly popular beach wave bob, were made available to TV viewers for ten years thanks to Friends.

The 53-year-old Jennifer Aniston is now the driving force behind the haircare company LolaVie, where she is showing others how to easily achieve the same waves.

You may recognise the name LolaVie because, when working for Elizabeth Arden Inc., it was one of her top choices for a perfume. After trying a few fragrances, Aniston discovered a way to combine her love of the sciences with her enthusiasm for cosmetics.

Aniston is in charge of production, creative direction, and marketing. On Instagram, she recently posted a video about post-shower haircare, which was a potent marketing tool.

Playing Rachel on Friends, Aniston is famous for her hair’s great waves / Andrew Eccles /© NBC / Courtesy Everett Collection

Aniston posted an educational video to Instagram last week after getting out of the shower. She is only seen with a grey robe on, and her hair is still unstyled.

According to her, it’s a new beginning and not much else is necessary. The actual caption only says, “Air dry and a little bit of @lolavie,” but she goes into more detail in the video.

Aniston applied what appears to be Lightweight Hair Oil to her hair while it was still wet from the shower. She delicately runs her fingers through her hair while patting it from different angles before meticulously fluffing up the results. As a result, Aniston’s waves have more body and have their curls enhanced.

Aniston’s morning routine consists of very few steps / Gemma La Mana/©Universal Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

Obviously, admiring a particular hairdo is one thing. Wearing it is a different story; some hair types are naturally more predisposed to be straight or curly, and even Aniston confesses that working with her own hair can be challenging. “I’ve never had success getting my hair to curl well at the beach.

Actor and entrepreneur Jennifer Aniston / ImageCollect

It simply always appears to be a rat’s nest, she said. Given how effortless she makes it appear, it’s difficult to believe what she says, but “having the detangler and the leave-in do its job has been one of the greatest blessings.” So it appears that a challenging issue has a manageable answer.

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