Joan Collins, 90, discusses whether or not she has had anything “done to her face

As a nonagenarian who recently achieved a new milestone, Joan Collins has defied time and left her admirers in awe of her enduring beauty. Fans have often wondered how the actress manages to look that nice at that age over the years.

Collins refuted certain popular beauty myths, asserting that she is “needle-phobic” and has had “nothing done” to her face.

JUDGMENT DEFERRED, Joan Collins, 1952

During an interview with The Guardian, the actress gave information about her regular cosmetic operations along with some skincare advice. She insisted that she makes an effort to stay out of the sun because of how damaging it is to her skin. This strategy has proven effective for her over time.

When she was complimented on her skin, she said to the source, “I’ve had nothing done. “I couldn’t complete that much. My mother advised me to apply night cream and moisturise.

Joan Collins, 1956

The mother of three not only keeps up a decent appearance, but she also has fantastic fashion sense, which she has been showcasing lately. Collins looked stunning in a bikini while on vacation with her husband in St. Tropez, France, last month.

The actress shared a picture of her and her hubby relaxing in a pool on a blue floater on Instagram. She looked stunningly tanned. The caption reads, “Only one place to be in this 96° heat!”

Collins met Elizabeth Hurley, who played the character’s on-screen daughter in The Royal, when she was still in St. Tropez. Hurley posted a video of her lovely experience with Collins on Instagram.

The actress looked stunning in the video as she wore a white gown with a blue and white blazer that was complemented with a hat in the same colour. The singer added a parasol, a necklace, and a set of earrings to her ensemble.

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