Joyce DeWitt, who starred in Three’s Company, spent one last night with John Ritter just before his sudden death

Joyce DeWitt, 72, gained widespread recognition when she had a prominent role in the cult television series Three’s Company. The actress spent nearly ten years working in the industry before deciding to take a significant break from it once the show was cancelled.

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After appearing in various movies and television shows, DeWitt is now back in the workforce. And she still has the same stunning appearance she did when she was 72 years old!

More than 30 years elapsed before DeWitt and Somers were able to speak again after losing all communication. In 2012, Joyce appeared on Suzanne’s talk programme with her, and it was a memorable reunion.

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After the show, DeWitt described her and Somers’ relationship as “quite different approaches to our jobs.” “Our needs were quite different. I didn’t support a child on my own since I didn’t have one. I couldn’t understand someone with a business head because I didn’t have one.

On the other hand, Joyce DeWitt and co-star John Ritter continued to have a fantastic relationship. Up until his dying in September 2003, Ritter kept acting. According to sources, his untimely demise was caused by an aortic dissection, a cardiac defect that was not noticed.

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DeWitt talked about her last encounter with her former co-star on Somers’ talk show.

DeWitt believed herself it was fate when Ritter slept in a hotel close by in New York City. He quickly returned her call when she left him a note in his hotel room.

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The phone rang as she was leaving, and when she picked it up, it was Jonathan, she said. We have three parties and a supper to attend tonight, he says. At seven, I’ll pick you up. It was quite tasty. and he went away a month later.

Joyce DeWitt, who starred in Three’s Company, spent one last night with John Ritter just before his sudden death

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Joyce had one huge desire that she continued to work toward even though she made a comeback to the screen after a decade away from the television industry.

DeWitt’s desire of working in theatre was realised in 2011 when she made her theatrical debut in New York City.

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Miss Abigail’s Guide to Dating, Mating & Marriage was an off-Broadway production, but for DeWitt, that made no difference at all. Additionally, she thought that because it was a 90-minute comedy, it was quite comparable to her character in Three’s Company.

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