Karen Grassle, ‘Little House on the Prairie’ actress, is still lighting up our screens at 79 years old

Little House on the Prairie has been all-time favorite of the viewers. Everyone used to be waiting and was excited about the upcoming episode. Caroline Ingalls the mother of the family who was played by Karen Grassle was really liked and loved by the viewers.


Even though she is still known as the best mom in the American series. Karen Grassle still looks stunning and attractive at the age of 79. She has been disappeared from the spotlight for few years when she turned to the first love of her life, Broadway.

However, Karen studied at the University of California but practiced acting at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

Karen said “That was one of the most exciting learning experiences of my life: the school was superb and we could go to the theater in London and see the finest actors and productions in the English language,”
Karen recalled how she went for the audition of a film and didn’t get selected.


But then she tried for the Little House on the Prairie”. And at that time she didn’t have an idea that this is going to be the path to her fame.
The show started in 1974 and lasted till 1983. But Karen left when the show was still going on. Producers tried their level best to convince her but she didn’t accept any offer. Therefore the snow was canceled eventually.

Three years ago Karen wanted to try something new. That’s why she accepted the offer to play a role in the horror movie Lasso. Karen said “Finally, my son tells me, “Oh just do it, Mom.

Wikipedia Commons / NBC

You’ll have fun! You’ll run screaming in the night!” So, I said, “Okay, I’ll do it.” It’s a total change for me,”
Moreover, she’s a beautiful woman and doesn’t look near her age.

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