Kate Middleton is the subject of a ‘obscene’ sex joke in a television series, and royal admirers are furious and refuse to watch

After the lengthy coronation festivities, the royal family has returned to normalcy. The royal engagements of Prince William and Kate Middleton have continued. Last week, the Princess of Wales surprised some schoolchildren on a field trip when she quickly hurried past them to catch a train.

Kate Middleton was the talk of the town over the coronation weekend, as usual, thanks to her stunning dress. Throughout the event, she was busy with their youngest son, Prince Louis, who is still fresh to the world of public engagements.

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Everything worked out perfectly, but as the weeks passed, Kate came back into the spotlight. This time, it’s because of a ‘obscene’ sex joke that has enraged royal fans and experts alike.

The crowning of King Charles was a wonderful success, according to many who support the monarchy. The march to Westminister Abbey, the ceremony within the historic cathedral, and the procession back to Buckingham Palace were all viewed by around 20 million people.

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The royals had practised at Westminster Abbey several times before the big day, which included many important events. Prince George had an important part as a Page of Honour, but most royal fans were waiting to see if the youngest child, Prince Louis, would be present. He was, in the end, but it required a lot of work for William and Kate.

According to PageSix, the Prince and Princess of Wales had a contingency plan in place in case things went wrong. If Prince Louis misbehaved, the Palace was prepared to send a nanny to remove him from King Charles’ crowning. As it was, Louis behaved admirably at the ceremony at Westminster, despite his mother’s difficulties.

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The same law applies to King Charles, Prince William, and Queen Camilla. But why is this the case? According to the Daily Express, the long-standing ban remains in place due to the risk of a counterfeit signature.

While the royal family typically arrives at engagements in a good mood and with large smiles, it is not always all smiles behind the scenes. The schism between the royals and Harry and Meghan has cast a gloomy cloud over the royals in recent years.

Furthermore, despite their status as royalty, they are not immune to criticism or ridicule – even when people are angered by how they are portrayed or laughed at.

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Kate was the victim of a television joke last week that infuriated royals experts and fans.

In one episode of Priyanka Chopra’s Amazon crime thriller Citadel, a criminal lord compares breaking into an office to going “between the legs of the Duchess of Cambridge.”

Citadel’s comment regarding the Duchess of Cambridge has enraged royal fans and analysts alike. According to the Daily Star, one Twitter user described the comment as “gratuitous and vile,” while another yelled, “Who wrote the script and who approved it?!”

The Sun also reported that spectators were critical of the show.

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“We were all set to watch Citadel until we learned you slammed Kate! We’re not going to watch anything else you’re in! That was horrible!!!!!” Someone wrote.

“Citadel, I stopped watching Citadel after the second episode because your Meghan-loving star thinks it’s funny to make obscene jokes about Kate.” It’s not too much to ask for some dignity from your idols.”

The choice to include the attack on Kate Middleton, according to royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams, was “shocking.”

“It’s unbelievable that someone would make such disgusting remarks. It’s absolutely remarkable. Fitzwilliams told The Sun, “I think it’s shocking.”

“Amazon must explain what obscenities to real people, including members of the royal family, are doing in their film.”

This is not the first time this year that the royals have been mocked.

During a live talk on TalkTV, royal scholar Robert Jobson, author of the 2002 book Diana: Closely Guarded Secret, discussed Archie and the royal gathering on the balcony for the coronation.

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