Kate Middleton meets up with her former teacher, who remembers her as “a brilliant student,” in a touching moment

The fact that Kate Middleton loves her life as the Princess of Wales is no secret. Despite the demands and pressures of raising three children with her husband, she always smiles broadly when doing her royal duties.

Of course, Kate has days when she doesn’t feel her best, just like any other person. Her dedication to the Crown, though, has never wavered.

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When the princess is out attending engagements, she frequently receives sweet gifts from the kids and other royal admirers, including flowers. But last week, she was in store for yet another fantastic surprise.

There was a very special individual in the crowd on Thursday when Kate and William made their first official visit to Cornwall. She recognised them

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As a student at the University of St. Andrews, Kate Middleton continued to study history in college. As it was where she and William first met, it would forever alter her life.

They first developed a close friendship before falling in love. Recently, the princess met a remarkable person from her time spent studying, which gave her a wonderful reminiscence to those times.

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He currently volunteers at the museum after instructing Kate in history in prep school.

“Goodness gracious! Oh my goodness, that brought me right back! said Kate. “I now teach my kids the things you taught me.”

Since it was the first time they had seen each other in 25 years, she gave him a hearty hug.

Embury told Cornwall Live, “She was a brilliant student, and it was a great class.”

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Jim Embury elaborated on his former student in an interview with the Daily Mail.

“I hadn’t seen Kate in 25 years, so it was a fantastic rendezvous. She is still exactly the same as she was – diligent, considerate, and vivacious,” he remarked. She is an amazing woman.

Embury clarified that he wasn’t aware that Kate was expected at the museum until six in the morning the next day. The day off for the Canadian-born teacher with a British wife was scheduled.


He couldn’t stay at home though once he realised Kate would be there.

I went in on my day off since the thought of finally meeting Kate after all these years was quite exciting, he added.

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