Kate Middleton’s covert morning excursions: Learn how she uses this smart tactic to avoid being seen in public

Kate Middleton has a busy schedule, as one might expect. However, the Princess of Wales received harsh criticism from the general public last year for not accepting many engagements.

She later came under fire from several so-called “experts” for her wardrobe decisions this year, some of which might have had deeper significance.

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Being a royal entails being in the spotlight constantly, not just occasionally. Almost all of the royals’ actions are covered in news and closely examined. Getting alone time must be difficult for someone with young children like Kate Middleton.

But as it turns out, Kate has a secret that has come to light. She utilises a deft technique, says a royal specialist.

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In the past year, the Royal Family has undergone more major changes than it has in decades. It was inevitable that there would be a time of adjustment following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, with Charles, Camilla, Prince William, and Kate Middleton having to “fill the void” with new commitments and responsibilities.

The London Evening Standard said that “her companions apparently carted in a huge, balthazar-sized bottle of AIX rosé and, along with Kate, left the festival restaurant staff a £700 tip.”


While Kate has no issues being out in public, visiting clubs, shopping, or attending music festivals, it is also stated that she has managed to find a way to get some alone time to relax.

In brief, Kate Middleton has kept her secret from the majority of people and occasionally sneaks out of Adelaide Cottage, her family’s home on the grounds of Windsor, to enjoy what one royal analyst refers to as “me time.” This involves a cunning strategy to prevent her from being found out by the general public.


Tina Brown, a royal expert and the author of The Palace Papers, claims that the Princess of Wales typically gets up quite early. Before her three children and William awake, she departs the royal residence, making sure to avoid morning traffic.

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Brown stated that Kate always goes to her favourite public locations for peace and quiet when she snuck out of the house early in the morning.

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