Kelly Clarkson removes her makeup and shows off her true beauty

Kelly Clarkson got into the spotlight 15 years after winning American Idol. She became an actress and music superstar.

Hollywood isn’t a place for the faint hearted as they are mostly judged by their physical looks and this is something Kelly Clarkson didn’t let influence her.

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She looks horrible without her makeup on and has stood her ground against plastic surgery saying no one can push her to do something she doesn’t support.

Kelly Brianna Clarkson in Fort Worth, Texas, on April 24, 1982. Kelly’s vocals were discovered while she was in highschool by a music teacher named Cindy Glenn who heard her singing in the hallway.


During her performance in the school choir, her talent left unnoticed.

“That was so amazing, you’re gonna do this for the rest of your life,” a classmate’s grandfather told her.

“I don’t even think I said‘thank you.” she told Cosmopolitan. “I was taken aback because I’d never received any kind of compliment like that.”


Kelly tells in her book Kelly Clarkson: Music and Television Trailblazer, “Friends at school were nervous because they didn’t know what they wanted to do with the rest of their lives, but I had a peaceful feeling inside because I knew.”

“I knew, I knew that I would make a living at this since a seventh-grade assembly when I was about to go out and sing a Mariah Carey song in from of the whole town… Singing just seemed a natural thing.”

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After graduating from highschool, she wanted to become a professional singer. It wasn’t so easy as no seemed interested in her records.

“I was sending out demos, getting doors slammed in my face.”

She later on got two contracts which she turned down as they wanted to change everything about her.

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Kelly Clarkson didn’t give up on her dreams and went to audition for American Idol and the rest is history.

In 2013, Kelly got married to Brandon Backstock. Brandon is the son of Narvel Backstock, Kelly’s manager.

The 39 old is worth over $45 million has revealed one of the hardest moments of her career.


Everybody wanted her to change herself.
Clarkson said, “Everybody would always micromanage everything and try to get you to be somebody that you’re not, and the hardest part has been being me, so, I think that’s been the hardest challenge; I guess I’d say, with mental health.”

Botox, cosmetic surgery and implants are definitely not for her and she is proud of her looks with or without makeup.


“If I weren’t terrified, I would be sitting right here with some double Ds. I’m going to be real with you because I never had big boobs, and I always wanted big boobs, but I’m terrified, and I would never get a boob job,” she added. “Why would I cut myself on purpose?”

She’s definitely a role model and we adore her for being herself.

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