King Charles exhibits a “ungracious and nasty” side after yelling at Camilla in front of the public, a professional claims

Charles and Camilla assumed the role of the Royal Family’s de facto leaders after Queen Elizabeth passed away. As a result, the new King and Queen have been tasked with a variety of new obligations.

This era of change will undoubtedly be stressful, and it hasn’t been made any less so by the fact that Prince Harry, the youngest son of Charles, is still at odds with his family. The last three episodes of the Netflix documentary about the Sussexes were made available on Thursday.

King Charles and Camilla have a long and happy history together. However, every partnership experiences emotional highs and lows. Just last week, while visiting Wrexham, Wales, Charles was seen on camera snapping at Camilla.

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King Charles expressing frustration with his wife may not seem unusual to the untrained eye, but one expert believes it may be an indication of a much bigger issue.

For many years, King Charles and Camilla have been preparing to succeed the late Queen Elizabeth. The couple took over the top roles within the British monarchy, along with all the responsibilities and engagements that come with them, when Her Majesty was put to rest in September.

Along with William and Kate, King Charles and Camilla are carrying out their royal responsibilities as usual. Soon, they’ll enjoy a well-earned Christmas break. As is custom, the family will spend the holidays at the renowned Sandringham Estate. Nobody needs to be a master detective to figure out that Harry and Meghan won’t be going with them.


All things considered, it’s possible to understand why King Charles and Camilla could be exhausted considering the past two incredibly busy months. An expert in body language speculates that this may be what caused Charles to snap at Camilla in front of press cameras, which was visible to the public.

The King and Queen Consort paid a visit to Wrexham, Wales, last week. In the city’s core, they greeted members of the public, and after Charles had greeted a good number of people, it was time to leave.

But it appeared that Camilla had gotten lost, possibly busy in a conversation with someone else down the street. Charles became clearly irritated by this and was overheard instructing assistance to go get his wife.

“Can we try to bring her back once more? Please, we have to leave. I tried to wait for her, but she kept going,” a very agitated King Charles added.

Speaking with the Daily Express, body language expert Judi James had some harsh things to say about Charles’s behavior.


She claimed that Charles had shown some disloyalty toward Camilla in addition to his fury.

There are no hints of humour in this circumstance, just a man imploring with his entourage to help him escape and move on to his next engagement, she said.

“I know people are making empathic connections by saying this is a common subject among spouses and wives and that it makes Charles appear more human, but his wife is the new Queen and he is making a very big scene about her that degrades her rank,” the speaker said.

Charles may be under a lot of strain right now, but Judi said, “His mother served as the ideal role model in terms of carrying out the job without complaining or displaying any evidence of disloyalty to her closest friends and family. It is impolite and cruel to speak this way about his biggest fan and supporter.


Judi continued by adding that Camilla “always” exhibits anxiousness and worry in her body language.

James stated that Charles “really should have popped back to speak to her in person instead of seeming annoyed to others, or perhaps smiling warmly to indicate continuous affection.”

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