King Charles is afraid of Harry and believes they have only “barely touched the surface” of their animosity, an analyst argues

Spare, a book by Prince Harry, has become a worldwide sensation. It has been read by millions, and the British monarchy has once again come under intense scrutiny as a result of its contents.

It is still unclear what might transpire between Harry, his brother Prince William, and his father King Charles. They reportedly haven’t spoken since the publication of the book, and it’s still unknown if Harry will go to Charles’ coronation in May.

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Harry wrote a lot of stuff that wasn’t included in his stunning tell-all biography, which provided insights into his royal existence and numerous revelations about his family.

Tim Bower claims that the king is concerned that his son’s revelations regarding the royal family in his book “have barely touched the surface.”

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Charles is concerned that Harry might eventually divulge additional information. The royal expert further asserts that he would have an excellent reason for doing so.

Charles reportedly worries that “the chickens will come home to roost” in reference to Harry’s most recent statements in his interview with The Telegraph, where he acknowledged keeping stories concerning his brother and father out of the book.

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When it comes to his turbulent marriage to Diana, his strained relationship with his own parents, and his adulterous romance with Camilla, Bower said, “No one understands better than Charles that Harry has just scratched the surface.”

The troubled King is aware of his son’s legitimate cause for dread.


He added that Harry’s allegation that Charles failed to provide for his sons appropriately after Diana died might cause the King’s determination to be “weakened by guilt.”

Harry purportedly paraphrased his father as asking, “Please guys, don’t make my dying years a misery,” in the movie Spare.


Harry was frequently left in the hands of his nanny at Highgrove over the weekends and school breaks while his father pursued his own interests or huddled in another residence with Camilla, according to Bower.

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