King Charles uses an unexpected and hidden talent on his grandchildren

The relationship between King Charles and Camilla, Queen Consort, spans many years and is both beautiful and scandalous. When everyone in the world is aware of their love for one another, they are also equally aware of the affair they had while Charles and Princess Diana were still married.

The monarchy of Britain and the Commonwealth is currently exercised by the royal couple in place of Queen Elizabeth. Charles has been blessed over the years with children and grandchildren, and by all accounts, he has worked hard to maintain wonderful relationships with all of them.


Of all, unlike a typical grandfather, the current King Charles cannot simply roll around on the floor playing with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, or Prince Louis.

But if stories are to be true, he possesses a rare and amazing skill, which Camilla has now acknowledged.

In Britain, King Charles is gaining popularity among the populace. According to a YouGov poll conducted in September, more and more people are supporting the new queen. In May, 32% of respondents said he would make a fine king; the most recent poll revealed that number had increased to 63%.


Charles hasn’t always been well-liked, of course. No, his sporadic popularity with the public began when he was still married to Diana and had a notorious affair with Camilla.

The three children of William and Kate, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, as well as the two children of Harry and Meghan, Archie and Lilibet, make King Charles the proud grandfather of five. Due to the fact that the latter two reside in the US, he regrettably hasn’t had much opportunity to interact with them. But Charles has shown himself to be a humorous and interesting grandfather throughout the years. In fact, he goes by the moniker “Grandpa Wales.”

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It’s a distinct aspect of your existence. When asked about being a grandfather in 2013, Charles told The Telegraph that the best thing he could do was to inspire his grandkids.

“Show them stuff to get their attention. That was something that my wonderful grandmother accomplished. It’s crucial to establish a connection with them when they’re still very little.

When Louis was born in 2018, he commented, “I don’t know how I am going to keep up with them, but it’s a great delight to have another grandchild.”

In a BBC programme, Camilla talked about her adored husband King Charles, who turned 70. She said that he is adored by the kids and isn’t scared to be vulnerable.


He will spend hours making hilarious noises and laughing while crawling about with them on his knees, Camilla said.

“Louis was seen pulling on his hair in a recent photo, and he is not one of those persons who commands others to remove their hands. He adores it

“He’s particularly terrific with really little children and babies,” the Queen Consort continued. He enjoys making them laugh out loud. Taking them outside to the garden and demonstrating things to them

King Charles has had a lot of time to hone his talents as a king because he has been “waiting” for the position for a very long time.


Charles has a long history of being an enthusiastic painter. He likes to paint outside scenes, and some of his paintings have actually sold for a significant sum of money.

He identified himself as a “energetic amateur” who prefers watercolour painting in 2018. Charles primarily depicts landscapes in his paintings, such as mountains and lakes. King Charles is a member of the Royal Academy and the Royal Watercolor Society, and his artwork has fetched more than $2 million at auction!

“I completely switched to painting since I didn’t find photography to be fulfilling. Simply put, I had a strong impulse to use watercolour to capture what I observed and to portray that nearly “inner” sense of texture, which is impossible to capture through photos, Charles said.

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The feeling of irritation at not being able to reproduce on paper the image that your eye has provided you with, however, is powerful. I very quickly learned how difficult it is to paint successfully in such a spontaneous medium.

“I am under no illusion that my sketches constitute outstanding art or a developing skill,” the monarch continued. They actually mean a lot to me since they are, more than anything else, my own form of a “picture album.”

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