Life with Dr. Phil described by his ex-wife

Philip Calvin McGraw popularly known as Dr. pH is an author,  an American Television Personality, and the host of the television show Dr. Phil.

The show was intriguing for many people and he gained lots of fans all over the world, but it seems details about his life before he became a TV star aren’t known to many.

Debbie Higgins McCall his ex-wife spoke of their marriage and often referred to her husband as a ”dominator”. Dr. Phil never opened up about what happened in his previous marriage but seems like Higgins has a lot to tell.

Phil McGraw has been estimated to be worth over $400 million after he became the highest-paid daytime talk show host. Amidst having a successful career, he has been involved in several scandals including the exploitation of people suffering from mental illness and sexual abuse.

Phil was married to Debbie Higgins and is presently married to Robin McGraw and their union has been for over 40 years.

Phil grew up in Texas but was soon forced to move when his father got a job opportunity in Kansas. Phil at first didn’t want to leave the place he spent his childhood but was forced to as his father wanted to keep an eye on him. This later turned out as a blessing for Phil.

Phil and Debbie started a relationship in their junior year, but Debbie wasn’t allowed to date until she was 16. Phil was a linebacker in the school football team while Debbie was a cheerleader and one can say they were just the ideal couple.

In 1970 the duo got married and that’s how things went from good to worse. Debbie had lots of complaints about Phil as he became so dominating and wanted her to stay at home and take care of the house, asked her to life weights to get her little chest bigger.


At some points, Phil was cheating on her and he never lied about it, he owned up to cheating and told her it has nothing to do with his feelings for her.

They got divorced in 1973 and Phil remained silent about his first marriage. Phil got married immediately after his divorce to Robin. They have 2 children together, Jay and Jordan.

Debbie dies in 2014 and when her brother tried to contact Phil about the tragic loss, he never picked or returned his calls.

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