Look, where is that small girl? Current appearance of John Travolta’s daughter

Celebrity children often follow in their parents’ footsteps, but occasionally they forge completely own paths. The 22-year-old daughter of well-known American actor John Travolta, Ella Blue Travolta, clearly fits into the first group since she pursues acting professionally.

Ella is making great strides towards being a self-contained celebrity. It’s amazing to see how quickly little Ella has evolved from the childhood pictures fans used to see on her well-known dad’s social media to showing up frequently at events. She is definitely ready to steal the show in this star-studded scene.

Ella Blue Travolta is 22 years old and bears a remarkable likeness to her father, but she is clearly forging her own path. Ella made a big impression at a Neiman Marcus brand party recently. Her social media appearances never fail to spark curiosity among the audience. After being called her father’s twin, Ella’s unique features are now apparent.

Ella is 22 years old, and her sense of style has grown with grace.

She wore a simple black dress to the latest celebration, highlighting her waist with a Dior belt. Ella donned a knit cardigan with buttons that draped an interesting detail over her shoulders. Ella’s elegant style is evident in her normal cardigan that looks like a dress with a cape.

Having been raised by her father, John Travolta, Ella made her film debut three years ago in the American-Italian thriller “The Poisonous Rose.” Together with industry greats like Brendan Fraser, Kat Graham, Morgan Freeman, and her father, Ella presented a strong case for her career success.

Ella is determined to carve out her own route in the performing world, though, as seen by her forthcoming part in a distinctive European interpretation of Alice in Wonderland. Ella Travolta, in the role of Alice, will go on adventures in Budapest at night and meet the Mad Hatter William.

Sasha Luss, a Russian model and actress, will also be in the movie; the Red Queen serves as inspiration for her character.

Even though Ella’s journey is largely shaped by John Travolta, Ella’s mother and John’s late wife, Kelly Preston, would surely be very proud of her daughter.

Regretfully, Kelly’s cancer-related death in 2020 prevented her from witnessing Ella’s successful film debut. John is now a single father, carrying all the duties.

Ella’s future is bright, and I have no doubt that she will make further waves. She can win a lot of hearts in addition to becoming a well-known actress.

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