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Love who you are

Be alone, eat alone, take yourself on dates, and sleep alone. Take the time to understand and love who you are.

When I look at the suicide rate so far in the past few years, it has been on the increase and the major causes have always been because of the inferiority complex.

Be proud who you are

I was once a girl who was ridiculed because of her size, people called me fat and they could bet on their life that my siblings are starving as I always finish the food meant for everyone.

The teachers I felt they would protect me never helped matters; they called me fatty and never stops picking on me at every given chance.

I practically hated myself and wished to take my life at some certain points. My mother was the only friend I had; she never stopped calling me beautiful and will always tell me to love who I am. She taught me how to appreciate how I am, and I’m beautiful the way I look.

I started telling myself every moment I’m called fat that I’m beautiful and a perfect example of God’s special creation. It helped me a lot as I stopped crying anytime I’m called fat; I believed I was beautiful and started loving myself.

I felt good about it, and will always remind anyone who called me fat that I’m beautiful. Sooner than later, everyone stopped picking on me; they realized I loved myself and no matter what they did, I was never going to cry or feel bad about their words.

Love who you are, and never let anyone make you feel less of yourself.

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