Maddy was given another chance at life after her dad donated his kidney

Karen Rodas and Paul Bybkin welcomed a child Nathaniel into the world, but he couldn’t stay longer than 36hrs as he was born with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) which affects the kidneys and causes cysts to grow.

They wanted another child and in 2013 welcomed their beautiful daughter, Maddy.

When they found out that their little daughter have the same condition as her late brother they were devastated.

Karen Rodas, 38, said: “The chances of any of our babies surviving if they were born with it, was very low.”

Nathanial didn’t stand a chance. Just 36 hours after his first cry brought him to life, he was gone.”

Maddy’s tummy was swollen and she looked like was able to have a baby. It affected her mobility a lot and had to spend up to 18hrs sleeping or in the hospital.

The doctors discovered that she could live a normal life if only she found a donor, and luckily her father was a match.

According to The Mirror, Karen said, “With Paul and Maddy, two of my most precious souls, going under the knife, my nerves were a wreck.”

“I kept thinking: ‘What if something happens to them both? How will I cope?’”

“Daddy’s kidney has saved our little girl,” Karen added. “Now, she has boundless energy. Her massive tummy now just looks a little bit rounded and she is a happy and healthy two-year-old.”

After the surgery, both of them are doing quite well.

“She laughs so much, big belly laughs. And she feels good, which was something she wasn’t used to.

“She will need another transplant in 25 years, but that feels like a lifetime away.”

Every parent’s wish is to see their child hale and healthy.

According to the Mirror, He said,  “We have been on a rollercoaster – but any father would have done what I did, donating my kidney to Maddy. It’s part of being a parent.”

“Now we are on a high and can watch Maddy grow up as a happy and healthy little girl.”

She has 25 years of her life to live her best days and make it count before she will get another transplant.

Maddy was given another chance at life and we hope that she lives it to the fullest without holding back.

We wish her all the best things in life.

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