Martha Stewart’s wholesome relationship with Snoop Dogg

One of the most surprising celebrity friendships will be that of Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg.

The two created a strong bond which turned out to be a reality show and it’s so cute to see that amidst their 30 year age difference they have managed to become inseparable.

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Martha Stewart was born in New Jersey on Aug 3, 1941.

Stewart started a career in the entertainment industry at the age of 13.

Martha Stewart recalled, “My neighbor, a beautiful ballerina, was modeling for Stuart Models, and she had a contract.”

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She continued: “Her parents said to me, ‘Martha, you’re so pretty. You should be modeling also.’ So I did. I signed with Ford Models and was immediately signed up for TV commercials. I was the all-American girl.”

Although she was on the big screens and got a lot of attention she didn’t feel she was beautiful.

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she explained in an interview with People, “I was so skinny and so perfect for modeling, but I didn’t know that I was beautiful.
That was my only problem, “I knew that I could model, I knew I could pose for pictures, but I was not sexy, and I was not provocative,” Stewart added. “That feeling never came. It still hasn’t come. I’m waiting for that day.”


She went on to work as a stockbroker in an all-men firm.

“I lasted in that business for about eight years, working in a firm of all men. Only one woman owned a seat on the New York Stock Exchange at that time. I’m not intimidated by men; I never was.”


“But men actually welcomed me to their offices. We wore hot pants to work. I still have my pale, peachy-pink ones and my chocolate-brown ones. I wore them with either high heels, bare legs, or tights. Elegant but also crazy.

Like, how can you go to work in short-shorts? But I didn’t think twice about it. I was totally respected.”

Stewart has had her share of tragedies and has managed to stand up again no matter how life tries to knock her out. Divorcing with her ex-husband was the hardest of all and that they never spoke again thereafter always opened up fresh wounds.

About 13 years ago she was able to find love and friendship in someone again. She became friends with Snoop Dogg and their friendship is a great combination of love, peace, and harmony.

The duo has a unique friendship and we all hope their bond keeps getting stronger.

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