Mason Reese today in 2021

Most of us know Mason Reese as ‘Borgasmord Kid’. With his red hair and freckles, he left an everlasting impression in numerous TV commercials.

Mason Reese was born in 1965 to William ”Bill” Reese, who worked as a theater set designer and marketing service director, one can say he was born into acting.

His mother was the famous actress Sophia Darrin, who’s best known for her iconic role in The Big Sleep.

It’s not strange Mason was into acting at an early age as his parents were already in the industry. Mason grew up in New York and schooled in Manhattan.

By the age of 4, he was already appearing in commercials and his first gig was working for a detergent company, Ivory Snow, where he was selected from over 600 others who auditioned.

”They wanted a kid who looked like he was just diapers and who was old enough to speak intelligently and – tra-la-la – that was me,” Mason told The Sacramento Bee in 1978.

Mason became known in Philadelphia and New Jersey as the “the Ivory Snow Boy.”

”Mason can’t do every kind of commercial. He’s not a plastic person, or a pure, white Protestant boy. There are people who think he’s gorgeous, and some who think he’s homely. But he’s a very sensual and tactile child – he loves to touch and kiss – and he puts out good vibrations,” Mason’s father Bill told The Boston Globe in 1973.

The commercial that changed his life forever was that of the Underworld Deviled Ham. When he was unveiled as the cover boy for the “Borgasmord” campaign,  he became famous.

According to The Boston Globe, the little boy with the red hair and special voice just smiled and explained: “I didn’t. I got it right the first time.”

As Mason got older, gigs declined and he decided to retire from acting. He went on to become a restaurant entrepreneur, opening establishments in New York City.

According to Wikipedia, Mason still lives in New York, and the former actor is 56 years old!. He retired from the industry after all his restaurants were closed.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the former actor has a net worth of $1 million.

He wasn’t someone who always put out his affairs so not much is known about his private life.

”I just want people to know that ultimately I am a pretty normal guy, you know, not living a normal life necessarily, but you know, I’m definitely kind of the normal guy. Yeah.

I think that’s it. … I’m proud of what I’ve done. You know, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished and I certainly hope to make my mark again,” he told Chris Yandek in 2015.

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