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Maturity is when you have power to destroy someone

Maturity is when you have the power to destroy someone who did you wrong, but you just walk away and let life take care of them.

I have been in situations I could have ended people who brought pains, scars and hurts to my life, but I decided to let it go.

My mom died when I was six, and dad couldn’t even mourn her for so long, and took a second wife.

Maturity is when

She was nice and sweet, and worked so hard to be the mom I lost, but all I could see is a fake woman who was after something.

I was ten when she had her first kid, and things drastically changed in the house. Dad was always on business trips and had no time for me; he knew I didn’t like his wife.

The birth of the child ushered in a lot of troubles and pains in my life. She started treating me like some sort of house help.

I became fully in charge of cooking, and every chore in the house. I stopped schooling to babysit her child, when I talked to dad, he told me I can do that for my half-sister.

My dad told her, and anytime he goes on trips, I starve in the house after cooking.

I have been tempted many times to poison her food, and let it be the end of her wickedness, but I said no, life will take care of that.

I believe karma is real, and very fair; you get served what you gave others in a thousand folds.

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