Meghan and Harry’s buddy posts a photo of Archie at his ‘low-key’ fourth birthday party

This weekend, all eyes were on London for King Charles’ Coronation.

However, another royal celebration was taking place over the Atlantic in California when Prince Archie celebrated his fourth birthday.

A heartwarming image of Prince Archie reaching out to a photograph of Princess Diana emerged during the festivities.

However, the heartfelt post, shared by a close friend of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, elicited conflicting comments…

Over the weekend, London was engulfed in a celebratory mood. On May 6, all sorts of nobility and world leaders gathered in London as King Charles III came to the throne, ushering in a new era.

May 6 held more significance for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle than just King Charles’ coronation. It was the fourth birthday of their beloved son Archie, a wonderful occasion deserving of honour in and of itself. According to reports, the couple stated unequivocally that if they were to attend the coronation, Archie’s birthday would have to be acknowledged.

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According to author Christopher Andersen, Harry would be “uncomfortable” attending the coronation due to revelations in his biography, making Meghan’s decision to stay in the US with their children reasonable, since it allowed them to avoid intensive scrutiny.

Omid Scobie, a royal specialist, emphasised the significance of Archie’s birthday in Meghan’s decision to remain in the United States.

“I understand Archie’s fourth birthday (also on May 6) influenced the couple’s decision.” “Prince Harry’s trip to the UK will be brief, as he will only be attending the coronation at Westminster Abbey,” Scobie stated on Twitter.

The question lingered over the weekend: How would Archie’s birthday be celebrated? On this auspicious day, it appears that the King did not forget his grandchild. According to accounts, Charles lifted a glass in a touching tribute to Archie’s fourth birthday.


It all happened during a private family meal on Saturday, following King Charles’ coronation at Westminster Abbey and the family’s appearance on the Buckingham Palace balcony in London.

According to the Daily Mail, King Charles raised a glass to “those who weren’t present” and wished Prince Archie a happy birthday. It was a touching homage to a grandson he hasn’t seen in years.

“It was apparently a very sweet moment,” a tabloid insider said.

Unfortunately, Harry was not present to witness the heartfelt toast. While he was invited to the private family celebration, he declined and returned to California immediately to celebrate Archie’s special day. According to accounts, Harry wasted little time, boarding a jet bound for the United States just hours after his father was crowned.

On this momentous occasion, it appears that Harry prioritised being with his son, emphasising the deep link between father and kid even in the midst of major royal ceremonies. The Duke of Sussex is thought to have taken a 3:45 PM flight, landing in Los Angeles around 6:55 PM local time.


The drive from the airport to Harry and Meghan’s massive house in Montecito, California, usually takes about 90 minutes. According to a source, Harry was resolved to return in time to personally cuddle Archie into bed.

Archie’s birthday party was said to be a “low-key” affair. According to family members, a fresh lemon cake created by Meghan herself with fruits from their own garden was presented. The actual guest list is unknown, but it is thought to have included the closest family members, making an intimate gathering for the event.

The image was taken from the Netflix series The Sussexes. While the image and statement were not extremely contentious, some on social media interpreted it as photographer Misan Harriman covertly criticising or overshadowing King Charles’ crowning. However, the bulk of comments were favourable, with many remarking that it was a lovely image.

“Happy Birthday, Archie,” said another.

“Your family and I adore you.” We’re hoping to see some photos shortly. Blessings. We salute you. Today is wonderful because of you.”

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