Miracle, Best friends for over 60 years just found out they’re brothers

How this all comes together is amazing. Even after 60 years, the two of them look like twins. Their real family ties were confirmed by DNA 60 years later.

When Robinson was born, he was given away. Macfarlane was raised by his grandmother and didn’t know who his father was. They were friends and played football together at Punahou school, where they went to school.

First string: “When we played for Punahou, we were both first string.” “We’re brothers, and we play together.”

After they grew up, they played softball together on the Aloha Airlines softball team and sailed on Robinson’s boat, too. For most of their lives, the two men lived less than 10 minutes away from each other. All the time, they didn’t know that they were related to each other and had the same mother.

Robinson told the story: “I never thought about it at all.” “That’s what makes it so great.”

There was still a lot of confusion about whether or not the two people were brothers even though it was clear to them that they were.

In the beginning, Robinson said, “This guy was like an older brother to me.” In the water, he’d show me how to do it right. I’d make a lot of noise in the water. He always came out of the water with more fish. And I had the smallest one, as well.

In the 60 years that they had been friends, Macfarlane became curious about his past. To find out more about his family history, he used DNA-matching websites.

It was Cindy’s idea to look for her dad and “Let’s get it done.” When Macfarlane was on a talk show, he said that the kids gave him a gift.

There were a lot of matches Macfarlane was getting at first, so Macfarlane’s daughter told CBS News that “then we started digging into all of the matches he was getting.”

To be honest with you, it turns out that Robinson was also using the same website to learn about his family. In time, the two friends found out that they were related to each other by blood.

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