Missing you always

Each day of my life has been more of sorrow since you left. I miss you always.

You never said you were leaving or told me that I wouldn’t see you again when I come back for the long vacation.

I have lived each day of my life, being a shadow after you left. I felt I could move on, and it can never be a setback for me, but how can I know that you are gone from the surface of the earth forever.

You told me you have a big surprise waiting for me at home when I come back from school; it is leaving the surprise you always talked about.

You promised to take me to see mom’s grave and show me the pictures of her you hid in a safe as you didn’t want to make her lose affect you so much.

You promised me to be with me until I start my own family carrying my first child in your arms.

We already planned on how we will travel around the world once I am done with college. Where are you to fulfill all these?

I feel so empty and worthless, a significant part of me left with you. You are the only family and friend I ever had. You never remarried after my mom left.

You made me your world and the only person that matters to you.

In life, I loved you dearly; even in death, I still love. In my heart, I have a space that only you can fill.

I feel so broken losing you; you were gone before I knew it, and only God knows why.

I will always love you, and I miss you so much. I look forward to the day we will meet to part no more. 

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