Mom, I bought you a car.’ I laughed and told him, ‘Ya right!’ He said, ‘No mom, I’m serious

I bought you a car, Mom.’ ‘You’re right!’ I said with a laugh. ‘No, mum, I’m serious,’ he said. I purchased a vehicle for you. ‘Come on, we have to get out of here.’ Mom is moved to tears by her son’s deed of charity.

“Right now, there are no words that can convey how I am feeling.” I’m completely taken aback… The last few weeks have been a living hell, full of tears, anger, bewilderment, and heartache. I got the shock of my life today…

As some of you may know, my son William is a money-making machine who mows lawns and cleans yards. So, my son had a job today that he needed to go complete, and I let him leave as if it were any other day. This time, however, things were different. Quite a contrast.


‘Mom, I bought you a car,’ William announced when he returned home.

Of course, I chuckled and said, “Ya, right!”

‘No, mom, I’m so serious I bought you a car,’ he added. Come on, we’ve got to get going.’

‘Go where?’ I said, perplexed and sceptical at this point.

‘With this lady,’ he said.

And, much to my amazement, I walk out into my front yard and, wow, there’s a woman standing there, and she’s giving us a ride, just like William said.

When William gets in the car, I’m like, “OK?” Isn’t this some kind of joke? No one really says anything….
So… As far as I’m concerned, it’s still a joke. We arrive at this house and

‘Mom, that’s your automobile,’ William says.

I completely freaked out. I began balling up my clothes.

He completed some work for this woman, and he worked up a payment plan with her. And here I was thinking it was a joke… No, I was handed the keys and documentation to the automobile, and I’m panicking out but in complete disbelief that this is actually happening. So we got in the car, it started right away, and we were on our way.

I am incredibly proud of my son. He’s a wonderful young man. He may have his moments, but OMG, tell me about a 13-year-old child who gives his mother a car… I adore and appreciate you, William. I adore you because you have such a big heart.”

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