Two Years after Son Dies, Mom Hears Someone Knocking on Door Saying, “Mom, It’s Me”

The loss of a loved one is a trauma that takes time before it finally leaves, the scar never heals no matter how time flies, we just learn how to live with the loss, grief, and pain.

Most times you can’t tell yourself how to feel. The world seems to be on your shoulders and at that moment you care the least about what you feel, you wish for it to all the nightmare.

The best way to get over grief is to let yourself feel all that pain, don’t avoid it, give it time, take time to recover, don’t force it.

AmoMama has a story to tell about a couple who lost their little boy and the trauma they face after.

It was a tragic loss, the grief they didn’t know how to deal with, but happiness once again finds its way to their door.

Jane and Shawn Wiley with their only son John had a happy home and were living their best life.

Tragedy struck the family when John was bitten by a swarm of bees and went into anaphylactic shock.

He was rushed to the hospital and his parents came running to the said hospital when they heard what happened to their little boy and arrived just in time when the doctor was leaving the ER.

Jane rushed to him immediately and asking about the state of her son and pleading not to give up on him, but it seems like all her pleas were futile as it was too late.

The pain was so much for the couple to bear and they only managed to clean John’s room after a year. Shawn tried to manage his grief, but for Jane, she has always been affected anytime John was mentioned.

Jane was in the house on a certain day and heard a knock on the door and when she inquired who it was, she heard a child say, “Mom, it’s me.”

She went on to open the door and saw an envelope addressed to her and Shawn on opening it there was a small note with an address: 813 Atwood Ave.

She woke up and realized it was all a dream, but she went on to write down the address for reasons she can’t even explain.

She went grocery shopping the next day and was running around to get things when she saw a large flier advertising a children’s clothing store. And on the bottom was the address in her dream: 813 Atwood Ave.

The address seemed so familiar to her and went home to discuss with her husband about her experience. They later discovered the address was an orphanage with children in foster care and learned of the children living there.

One child stood out to Jane and drove there the next day to meet him. They learned his name was Simon and he lost his parents in a car accident.

He had autism and was finding it hard to communicate with other people except for his imaginary friend. Simon always wanted to be the one to choose his parents and when he saw Shawn and Jane he knew they were the ones.

Simon looked up at them and said, “My friend says you are good people and that he does not want you to be alone anymore.”

The couple were shocked and when Simon went on to reveal imaginary friend’s name was John. They decided to adopt him and he move into John’s room and became part of the family.

In a way, Jane’s dream did very much come true. One day, there was a knock on the door and a child saying, “Mom, it’s me.” And it was her son Simon coming home from school.

Source: Story of the Day.” Amomama. Comfort Omovre. October 29, 2021

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