“Mommy, you have my eyes” – Mom reunited with son 31 years after he was kidnapped by dad

If you are a parent you must know the fear of losing a child. And the thought of their passing away is beyond imagination. But still, in some situations, you can feel the pain as a parent and feel helpless.

Lyneth Mann-Lewis was a mother of an adorable baby boy. Jermaine Mann… She had never thought her child will be ripped away from her one day.

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Reportedly it was June 24, 1987, Jermaine’s biological father, Allan Mann, arrived for his scheduled visit. Mann was supposed to take Jermaine out before bringing him back to his mom later that same day. But he didn’t.

Instead, he abducted Jermaine from his house in Toronto, Canada, and crossed the border into the United States. There, Mann was able to live under a fake identity – he and Jermaine had fake social security numbers and other documents that meant they couldn’t be found.

Credit / YouTube

Lyneth had a very tough time and she had lost all her directions. The search for father and son was carried by U.S. authorities and officials from Toronto. In 2016, their hunt gained new speed.

Fortunately, Mann’s family members were eventually traced by US marshals. it was a relative who tipped them off about the man who had assumed the alias “Hailee DeSouza”, and that he could possibly be found in Connecticut. Mann was found in 2018 at Vernon, Connecticut. Finally, length was able to see her son after a long time.

Of the reunion, she said: “He said, ‘Mommy, you have my eyes.’ He hugged me and he kissed me and we held for a long time.”

According to U.S. authorities, Mann had managed to obtain counterfeit birth certificates for him and his son when they moved to the States. Also he had collected more than US$125,000 in housing and over US$55,000 in Medicaid benefits under his alias.

His lawyer said that he kidnapped his son because he was concerned about his little boy’s safety. He was ultimately extradited to Toronto from New York after serving an 18-month sentence.

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