Months after celebrating his 100th birthday in a local restaurant, Richard Gere’s “Hero” father passes away

Richard Gere is mourning the death of his father, Homer, who died earlier this month at the age of 100.

Homer Gere, a longtime North Syracuse volunteer, reportedly passed away on March 1 in Downstate New York, according to reports.

According to all accounts, Homer was deeply involved in his son’s life and encouraged him to aim high before Richard began a career that would see him reach the glittering heights at the top of the entertainment industry.

On March 4, when Alejandra, Richard’s wife, posted a tribute to Homer’s life on Instagram, she announced his passing.

“Homer George Gere, a community activist from North Syracuse, has passed away in North Salem, New York,” the post’s opening line read. On March 1, 2023, he passed away at the age of 100. Up until his retirement at age 65, Gere was a prosperous insurance agent. He was well-known in the neighbourhood as a talented businessman and received recognition for his volunteer work with North Area Meals on Wheels. He appeared alongside his son Richard Gere in national commercials as a supporter of that nonprofit organisation.

Richard hasn’t spoken out in the media about the passing of his father, but it’s safe to presume that he is inconsolable. The Beautiful Woman actor frequently praised his father in interviews and once referred him Homer as his “idol”.

In fact, Homer turned 100 just a few months ago, and Richard and other family members gathered there to celebrate.

One of the oldest restaurants in New York’s Armory Square, Pastabilities, hosted the birthday celebration in May 2022.

After the celebration was over, the eatery shared a photo with the message, “Richard Gere stopped in to Pasta’s today to celebrate his fathers 100th birthday.”

According to sources, Homer had a significant impact on Richard’s life, so much so that the celebrated actor gave his son the name Homer as well.

Richard Gere, who is 73 years old, recently experienced a health scare while on holiday in Mexico with his wife Alejandra Silva and their two daughters.

According to rumours, the actor contracted the flu while away. Later it was discovered that the actor from The American Gigolo already had a cough, but it had gotten worse while he was in Mexico. He visited a hospital due to his worsening cough, and there pneumonia was identified. The actor was released the next day after spending the night in the hospital being watched.

Richard Gere and his family are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. No matter their age, losing a loved one is never easy, therefore we hope that the pain can be softened by fond recollections of the past.

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