Mothers are angels

Mothers are our lives. They suffered a lot to bring us forth. Labor is a pain all mothers actually go through in order to bring us forth. At times we lose some of them in this process. If I was to be asked the strongest and still the softest being on earth, it’s a woman. 

As we were growing up, our mothers tried to train us and mold us into figures that the world will be proud of. We were young and naive; we thought it is wickedness and selfishness. 

Mothers are our superheroes. We came from them, and they care for yourself even till their death bed. No matter how grown you think you are, you are still your mother’s child. 

A mother’s love is the purest form of love. A mother is always there to correct our errors, take care of us, and give listening ears to our problems. She never gets tired of attending to them as though they are her problems. 

Mothers are so amazing and adorable. You can never know how strong they are until you become one. A mother is at every corner of the house. She acts teacher, a cook, a helper and a guide, no wonder she’s called the bedrock of the home. 

Mothers are our biggest fans and motivators. Whatever we are today is a resultant effect of their actions. No matter how prodigal we are, moms will always be there to welcome us back in open arms. 

My mother is the best woman I have ever met. The kind of skills she has and her attitude towards things make me call her an angel in human form. She’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. 

I will always love you, mom, no matter what. You are the architect of my success. You set me in place. 

If angels were humans, it would be no other person than you. 

I pray you grow old to enjoy your fruitful labor. I love you mom, my angel. 

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