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My best friend is my soul mate

In this life, there is always one person we deem unique and still hold close to our hearts.

No matter how many hours you be with the person, you will feel like it is a moment without realizing the time you have spent.

Time seems to fly when you are with the person your heart beats for. Love is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

We fall in love with people without even realizing it; it seems our world revolves around them, and theirs revolve around us too. Love is a mutual feeling; if it is one-sided, it is not loving.

Having a best friend who understands the language of your soul is a blessing. They are only one in this world and when we cross paths with them, never let go; you can never find someone like them again.

Having someone whom you can say anything, and the person can’t judge you is like having a soul mate; he/ she will always understand whatever that happens. He/ she won’t judge you without weighing both sides.

They will still stand up to tell you the truth no matter how it hurts. They are will always look out for you. My best friend is my soul mate, and she is one of the best things that ever happened to me. She is the sister I ever dreamed of having—a best friend and soul mate in one person.

I guess I am the luckiest person on earth. If you find someone who will always stand up to you and tell you the truth no matter how you react to it; always check on your welfare and will never let you make a grave mistake.

Keep your best friend because they are; they are the most real.

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