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My circle is small

I’m a popular loner; I know a lot of people and a lot of people know me, but my circle is small, and I’m usually by myself.

I was never a person who always has to keep everything around in me in check, but ever since I lost my parents under my nose, I decided to live a secluded life.

My parents were very rich, and I wasn’t left out too. I built my empire without their help, and I am the only child of my parents, which automatically means all they had was mine.

Even if I stopped working today, and I should spend a million dollars in a day during my remaining days on earth, my tenth generation won’t have to worry about getting poor.

I was a very cheerful person, kind-hearted, and won’t stop helping people in ways that I could. I was doing all these without keeping in check the kind of people around me, I was never aware that I had enemies.

My parents visit every third Saturday of the month; this is a family time for us. We were meant to have lunch together, we have prayed over the meal and was on the verge of taking a first bite, before my phone started ringing.

My attention was needed at the visitor’s bay, I attended to them immediately, and came back seeing my parents holding their stomach and rolling on the flow.

They were rushed to the hospital, and couldn’t make it to the ward. Autopsy shows they died of food poisoning.

The culprits were my cook, and my trusted friend, they are behind bars. He was after my wealth.

Ever since then, I knew better than anyone to keep my circle small.

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