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My ex taught me that no matter how good of a woman

My ex taught me that
no matter how good of a woman
you are.. you’ll never be good
enough for a guy who isn’t
ready to be a man.

End the relationship and
cry once,
believe me, it is better
than being with them and
crying daily.

No offense
but fuck you for using me to
make you happy until you felt
that you didn’t need me anymore
and left me wondering where
I went wrong.

Stop chasing people.
If they block you, cut you off, or
ignore you. let them go. let people
naturally come to you and enjoy your
energy. We spend too much time
clinging on to people so they don’t
leave. appreciate those who are there
by choice. not because you chased
them every time they left.

Keep your distance from
people who will never admit
they’re wrong and who always
try to make you feel like it’s
your fault.

Telling a woman you love
her while hurting her soul and
breaking her heart is emotional
and psychological abuse.

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