My grandma’s thoughts

In my life, there is only one rare gem in it; and it should be my grandmother.

She is my best friend, and confidant. Situations I thought she won’t have a say in it, as she has aged and won’t understand how I feel; she always gives the best advice.

I asked my grandma ‘’what’s good for an earache’’ she said ‘’stop listening to bullshit’’.

I have spent all my life with my grandma. After I lost my parents at the age of five, she has been my world and everything.

Too bad, she had to bury her child and her husband, but she never allowed it to get to her. She said their lives were due, and can’t question their maker. She believes that everything that happens in the world was never unplanned.

She always tells me that if anything should happen to her, that if I should wake up any day and the life in her had ceased; I shouldn’t forget to move on with my life, and not to be saddened by the world and its issues.

She told me she never believed she would get over, my parent’s death, that after her husband left, she thought she could be the next to leave earth, but the plans of man aren’t the same with that of the creator.

She beliefs in watching whatever the future has to bring, and living in the present. She never let her past get to her; she focused on the present and lived in it. 

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