Daily Quotes

My mind still talks to you

My mind still
talks to you, my
heart still looks
for you, my soul
knows you are at

When someone you love the most left this world than trust me it’s one of the painful feeling in the world. I have experienced the same feeling when I lost the person close to me. It was so hurting for me. At first I didn’t believe that it’s true but when I accepted that it was so difficult for me. My mind still talks to that person, my heart is always finding you that maybe I can see you again. My soul knows that wherever you are, you will be at peace. I want to see you happy but with me. It is difficult to live without you but I have to accept this bitter reality. I have to live without you. I have to accept this reality. Life doesn’t stop at a certain point we have to move on with our lives. We can’t live like that because it is the bitter reality of our life.

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