NCIS star Emily Wickersham was intimidated to start working on the show

Emily Wickersham was born on April 26, 1984, in Kansas, on her father’s side, but she later moved to her mother’s side, Chicago.

At a young age, Emily described herself as a tomboy as she was good at athletics. She could play track, volleyball, soccer, and tennis.

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She never thought she was ever going to get into acting, and she was just living in New York.

Emily told CBS, “Then I was in New York – just kind of living in the city, not knowing what I was going to do – and I started taking acting classes because I felt like, ‘If I’ve dropped out of college, I should probably do something worthwhile and challenge myself. Before that, acting had not been on my radar at all.”

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She added: “I [loved it right away]. I mean, I found it challenging. It was hard for me because at first, I didn’t know what I was doing. But with acting, you get the bug; it’s intoxicating. I started getting smaller roles, TV and film auditions and didn’t want to stop.”


As a youngster acting was a huge challenge to her and she went on to start acting classes as well as public speaking classes at the New School in New York.

She explained, “I was out of my element, but intrigued and interested in learning more. During that time, I met a modeling agent who sent me out on modeling and commercial auditions, and then on film and television auditions,” she said. “Soon after, I booked one of my first parts, and it was on The Sopranos. After being on The Sopranos, I was hooked and just wanted to do more and more.”


After appearing in soprano as well as other shows she made her film debut in 2007.

Her breakthrough happened in 2013 after she appeared on NCIS replacing actress Cote De Pablo – Zita Davis – on NCIS.


Emily went for the audition, got the role and the rest is history.

When she met the cast she felt intimidated as she knew that all of them have worked with each other for a very long time.


She said, “I was nervous in the beginning. Coming onto a show where this tight-knit cast has worked together for 10, 11 years was intimidating. Nerve-racking.”

She added: “Yeah, so that was scary. But it’s been fun, and the cast has been so sweet and welcoming. They made it a pleasant transition for me. I hope it was easy on their end.”

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