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Never argue with stupid people

The dumbest quote I have ever seen is ‘’if you can’t beat them, you join them’’.

The world we live in if filled with different kinds of people.

Many at times people whose reasoning is lame and stupid seem to dominate.

Never argue with stupid

people, they will drag

you down to their

level and then

beat you with


Mark Twain

Never argue or try to prove your point to someone that’s stupid. No matter how you try to talk them out of their mediocrity, they never seem to understand.

Stupid people will never agree that they are stupid. No matter how you try to let them see things from a different perspective, you get to find out that they are stuck in the mud of stupidity.

Stupid people get to drag down people they can’t reach their level. They can never believe they can be wrong or outdated. They will always try to bring you down their level and then beat you.

Always soar high in the sky like an eagle. Never go down to reasoning or teachings you don’t totally agree with. Widen your knowledge in order to conquer every stupid argumentation.

Most at times these stupid people argue vaguely with no point and sense of reasoning. They talk because they just want to.

They seem to forget that one has to reason before talking. Most stupid people rarely make use of their brain or their mediocrity has corrupted their brain that they can’t seem to think straight.

Never let people change your view about life. Stupid people talk because they want to not because they have anything to offer. Don’t believe them or else they will drag you to their level, then beat you with their experience.

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