Daily Quotes

Never let people push you

Always appreciate and love yourself because you are precious and unique, never let people push you.

One of the most dangerous people is people who always have a way of pushing people against their wishes..

People PUSH you to

your LIMITS and

when you finally


back they think

your the MEAN one.one.

Acquire the habit of taking al things calmly and never rushing to do things out of anger. Anger has been the downfall of many.

It has often been demonstrated that there are people who can push people to do things without weighing the after-effects.

Life will always present itself with different categories of people. People who will always watch out for every step you take, people that will always be against you because of only one silly mistake.

Life takes turns in teaching us a lot of things.    

Never let people be the architects of your actions.

Anger shouldn’t determine your actions because it shall all end in regrets.

Always have your mental peace and tranquility and don’t let people trample on it.

No matter how people try to push you towards the wall, turn but don’t do that with force.

Some people are good at turning tables. They provoke you and watch to know what next you will do. They seem to have it all planned and call your names when you act.

People are unpredictable, never let them define you or your happiness.

Never try to impress people, do what your conscience wishes because no matter how perfect you seem or trying to be nice they will always have one thing to pick on.

Never let people push you into actions you will regret later. Be yourself and be strong.

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