One minute into routine operation, a 7-year-old girl passes away: “Nothing was wrong” – may she rest in peace

When you have children, everything in your life changes. Things that were once unimportant become crucial, and threats you would have previously overlooked become preoccupations.

The concept of our children being in danger, no matter how tiny the scale, is intolerable because we have a basic need to protect and care for them. Because of this, even seemingly unimportant tasks like routine operations cause anxiety.

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The cause? There are always hazards involved, and that voice in your head will never minimise them. In fact, it frequently makes them louder.

But then, everything went horribly wrong. Little Paisley’s heart stopped during operation and she died a minute later. Her family is in complete disbelief.

The Truelock and Cogsdill families have received support from the neighbourhood as they look for answers regarding Paisley’s passing. An autopsy will hopefully provide the family with the closure they need while they mourn their loss, and a GoFundMe page has been created to help with costs. Over $38,000 has been raised through the GoFundMe so far.

She was fearless prior to surgery, Mary Beth Truelock said WHNS. She was joyful and grinning. You know, there was nothing wrong. She was unafraid.

LAfter Paisley’s heart stopped, doctors fought valiantly to bring her back to life, but they were unsuccessful.

Though that will be of little comfort to a family that must now live without one of its brightest stars, it is anticipated that the upcoming autopsy will reveal what led Paisley’s heart to stop when it did.

Only God knows why He picked Paisley to be with him, but we can only hope that her family can find some comfort in the public’s on-going support.

Rest in peace.

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