One parent was lucky enough to check on his daughter before she becomes a victim

Scott noticed his daughter was talking to a 15-year-old named Bruce and when he finally investigated him, found out he was a trafficker.

The internet is one of the best places you can get to meet wonderful people, fall in love, and communicate with other people. Not forgetting its advantages it can also be one of the most dangerous places to be.


This is why some parents go the extra mile to educate their children on the dangers that might be lurking around on the internet and how to be safe.

Scott Jenkins is a loving father of two adorable daughters. His children were a priority in his life and he will go any miles to protect them.

His oldest daughter Haylee was 15 years old and was getting to know about herself, and was quite private about her affairs.

Scott’s parental instincts always told him there was something he should check about his daughter. He has always respected her privacy, but he was getting concerned and decided to check her online activities.

Every time he checked her activities he never found something unusual, but his instincts kept telling him something was wrong.

He went on to notice some missing messages, but he didn’t take serious note of it, and when he finally got what was wrong he was frozen.

It was a photo of her daughter that was sent to a teenage boy named Bruce.

Scott went on to find out Bruce was the same age as his daughter and his circle of friends were grown, men.

He went on to make a report at the Cyber Task Force of Portage Police Department and gave them access to their devices.

7 months after, they made a shocking revelation.

“Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins, can you and your family please come to the police station as soon as possible?” the detective asked.


It turned out those grown men were trafficking young girls. They used Bruce to lure young girls into their locations and it was quite scary as Bruce and Hayley had earlier arranged to meet.

Scott indeed saved her daughter.

Thanks to Scott an impending danger was avoided.

Parents are advised to always keep tabs on their teenagers, it might at some points lead to violation of their privacy, but in the end, the worst is prevented from happening.

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