Daily Quotes

Our New Normal

Sometimes it helps to find some humor in trying times. We all need a quick laugh, especially going through all that we are. Coronavirus has affected all of us in one way or another. We’ve had toilet paper shortages, we’ve looked high and low for hand sanitizer. It certainly hasn’t been easy for any of us. Many people have lost their jobs, others are having trouble trying to find food in the stores to feed their families. And sadly, so many are struggling from this devastating virus. We pray for everyone around this world. We pray for strength to get through each day, we pray for your health and the protection from God to cover each and every one of your family members and loved ones. Trying times like this always pass, but my gosh it has been so incredibly difficult on each and everyone of us. Please keep faith in your heart, trust and believe God will bring us through these most trying and difficult times. During this time of change, reflect and be thankful for what we have and trust that better days are ahead.

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