Patrick Duffy on ‘Dallas’

Patrick Duffy became a star on ‘Dallas’ – but tragedies formed his life in a way no one expected. He starred as Bobby Ewing and it came as a shock to many when he disappeared from the show for eight years and returned a season later.

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Duffy was in the spotlight and was also creating a lovely family. He suffered a major breakdown when he lost the love of his life Carlyn who passed away in 2017.

Patrick Duffy was born in Townsend, Montana, on March 17, 1949. His childhood wasn’t so easy as his parents struggled to make ends meet. They owned and ran a tavern in the small Montana Town of Boulder.

Duffy always loves being in front of the big screens from highschool and loved putting on a show. At first he never wanted to set his hobby as a career, but not until his teacher changed his mind.

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“I was going to be an architect, and I had a certain capability for it. But my high school drama teacher said, ‘There are people making a living at what you’re having fun after school doing,’” Duffy told Smashing Interviews Magazine.

“She wrote a letter of recommendation, and I got into a special program. From that moment on, I considered myself an actor.” Patrick met his wife Carlyn when she was still married to her then husband.

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He realised Carlyn wanted Duffy and filed for divorce, so the two lovers can be together. Patrick met Carlyn for the first time when he was working as a narrator for the First Chamber Dance Company of New York, on a tour bus. 

The two connected immediately and knew they were meant for each other. In short order, I fell in love with the art form and with her,” Duffy told Independent.

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“She had the hardest job. She had to tell her husband. And they were happily married. It wasn’t, you know, a bad relationship. He was a good man, and he is a good man.”

“He was betrayed by her, and it was amicable in the sense that he let her go, but he was hurt,” he added. “It breaks my heart to think about it. It doesn’t break my heart enough to think that I would do anything differently.”

Patrick got fame quite so fast and his life was the best, as we all thought. Patrick seems to have had his share of tragedy as he keeps suffering from one loss to another.

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He lost his parents in 1986 and when he thought that was the last, he lost his wife Carlyn.

“It was a surprise when she passed,” Duffy said. “There was no indication. So that was the big adjustment. My boys were there as stalwarts. But I also realized that, as much as they were trying to buttress old dad up, I’m probably more adjusted to this set of circumstances than they are.

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You reach a certain age, and you realize the road ahead is much shorter than the road behind.” “There are no mistakes in life,” he added. “I can mend every fence I’ve broken and create value out of everything I’ve done if I’m given enough time.

I have done it, and I still am doing OK, I have worked hard to make the best of life, and it’s been good to me.” Two years later he still considered himself as a married man who is going to mourn the loss of love forever.

“I can hear her; I can see her,” the actor told Closer. “I know what she would expect of me, and I try and live up to that, I feel close to her all the time [but] what I miss most is her touch, I still consider myself a married man.”

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He and actress Linda Purl, 66, are a couple. “Life is full of surprises, both good and bad,” she said. “Patrick and I weren’t looking for this. We didn’t expect it or see it coming when our paths crossed.

Don’t ever give up.” The both are happy to find each other and we wish them the best and may happiness never depart from their home.

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