Patrick Swayze was adored by many, yet few knew the extent of his agony. The entire world felt awful for him when his cancer was discovered

I liked the Dirty Dancing actor who endured tremendous anguish in his final years.

The artist had become a vegetable following his pancreatic cancer diagnosis, and it appears that in addition to the suffering brought on by the illness, he was also a victim of his wife.

Not long after Patrick Swayze’s passing in September 2009, serious allegations against his wife Lisa Niemi were surfaced.

According to a source who claims to be a friend of the family, the actress beat the actor throughout their 34-year marriage, even in the final years of his life when he was unwell and in a wheelchair.

An acquaintance of the family even said that Niemi neglected him in the latter weeks of his life when illness had rendered him incapable of caring for himself, particularly on the days when the nurse was off and left him unattended and wearing dirty clothes.

She used to strike the walls, the furniture, and him. They frequently got into arguments, and I tried to resolve them as best I could. They ruined their personal residence, vehicles, and hotel rooms. She admitted to the reporters that “It was an abusive relationship.”

Niemi responded, “Oh, sure,” when asked if she had succeeded in beating her husband’s sickness after he fought it for 21 months. She showed nothing respect.

Niemi, according to the insider, “controlled his life in blood” and “hit him with her hands and palms,” deciding how much money to spend despite being fully aware that the illness the actor was suffering from, incurred great costs.

In support of the source’s claims, Swayze’s childhood friend Charlotte Stevens claimed she repeatedly urged the actor to leave Niemi after learning that his wife was having relationships with both men and women.

The actor from Dirty Dancing’s wife, with whom he has been married since they were both 15 years old, refuted the information provided by the two sources.

They observed him begin to excavate sizable ditches in the backyard and place soil in bags.

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